Spice up your Sex Life with Vibe Namibia!

Did you ever consider experimenting with a sex toy, but were too embarrassed to stand in line at your local store with the item in hand? Or worse still, having to ask a shop assistant to open the display case so that you could examine the sex toy?

At Vibe Namibia we aim to remove this sometimes embarrasing aspect of buying sex toys by offering discreet online purchase and delivery. You can purchase safely with your credit card and the item will be delivered in non-descriptive outer packaging to the address you specify.

We believe that quality is important when it comes to sex toys and lubricants that’s why we only stock the best quality products at Vibe Namibia. While experimenting with different sex toys might be fun, we aim to save you the hassle by providing only the best. We-Vibe provides some of the best quality vibrators out there. Pjur is a German manufacturer of lubricants that have won many accolades and rewards.

You might not have realised, but as technology has progressed, so has the technology of sex toys! So now, with the We-Vibe 4 plus you or your partner can control the vibration modes and intensity via a Smartphone Mobile App! How does that sound for excitement?

So go ahead, what are you waiting for?